We assist contractors of all sizes in their gas safety management.

Lead the Way on Gas Safety

Bring your gas safety into the 21st century by using our award-winning system to deliver a consistent, transparent, high quality service for your clients.


Quality Matters

The industry is changing for the better, housing providers now more than ever are looking for contractors that provide a quality service and can demonstrate it. Decisions that are made on tenders are more commonly stating 60% quality delivery over 40% cost. Using our system you can easily demonstrate the value and quality of your services which could potentially win that contract.

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Be Proactive Not Reactive

Work more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Live updates from on-site engineers to your back office enables quicker identification and responses to issues. Demonstrating in real-time to clients that you're meeting compliance standards and safety objectives. 


“Using Gas Tag helps us build trust with existing clients and win new business. This is because we can directly showcase our work as we complete it, filling clients with confidence that the work is compliant and safe.”

Kyle Grocott,
Managing Director, Phoenix Gas
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Maintain High Standards

Use Gas Tag to effectively manage your workforce, our standardised process of completing gas works has been developed in conjunction with the Gas Safe Register to ensure your engineers are following the most efficient and effective method of servicing, raising safety standards and keeping homes safe.  

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