COVID-19 Access Support

A free tool to manage and monitor your access attempts and self-isolating residents.

Free to housing providers

We understand that times have changed, but much of regulation and guidance surrounding your compliance hasn't. That's why we've opened up a section of our system for free, helping you effectively log your compliance and manage your resident safety during this turbulent period.


Supporting safer housing

Our self-isolation unable to access tool (IUTA) is available for free to both housing providers and contractors. Enabling you to more effectively manage your access attempts and the compliance process throughout resident self-isolation.

What is Gas Tag IUTA?

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen a large increase in unable to access due to self-isolation. To help the housing sector combat this challenge we have launched the free Gas Tag IUTA tool. This will enable you to report on the properties you haven’t been able to gain access to due to COVID-19.

Step 1: Simple Setup

Step 1: Simple Setup

Setup is quick and easy. To begin we will need a list of your managed properties and a list of your trusted inspectors so that you can ensure the right property has been visited and the right inspector has attempted access.

  • Only selected operatives
  • Simple Implementation
  • Housing providers allocated a portal Login
  • Field operatives download the free GT App
Step 2: Record access attempts

Step 2: Record access attempts

Once your simple setup is complete. Your trusted operatives can use the Gas Tag App to record any unable to access and also categorize whether this was due to self-isolation. The notes section can also be used to establish what type of access attempt it was (i.e gas safety check, electrical check). These attempts to access are all geo-tagged, time and date stamped and sent back to your gas tag portal in real-time.

  • Categorise UTA as due to self isolation or shielding
  • Notes to refer to access type
  • Attempted access is geo-tagged, time date stamped
  • Log photograph of the front door
Step 3: Stay informed with real-time data

Step 3: Stay informed with real-time data

The geo-tagged, time and date stamped photographic evidence will be available in your Gas Tag Portal. This data will assist you in the provision of services to your residents and give you a comprehensive overview of the compliance status of your property portfolio.

  • Demonstrate audit trail and access attempts to regulator
  • Revisit property after resident isolation period
  • Analyse trends and performance
  • Inform your covid-19 compliance strategy

“We are now able to pinpoint individual incidents where a resident is self-isolating and ensure we are taking appropriate steps to gain access while keeping everyone safe.”

Stephen Collins,
Director of Property Services, Housing Plus Group
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