Portal V1.13

Portal 1.13 – New Features

Portal 1.13 – New Features

Hello world.  Our latest portal release is now live! Here is a break down of some of the cool new features we’ve designed to make your gas compliance management easier.

Property Self Service

We’ve cut out the middle man by enabling direct self service.  Simply upload your properties by adding a CSV file within the profile area of the portal, new properties uploaded will be processed and approved by our implementation team.

Optionally reset service date with turn on and test

After user feedback, turn on and test will be available whether you would like to reset the service date or not.  Enabling you to keep on top of your preferred method of servicing.

First time access calculation added to dashboard

A calculation has now been added to the No Access widget of the dashboard and the individual property page, enabling users to quickly see the rate of successful first time access attempts.

Issue notifications for short jobs completed

Notifications are raised for jobs completed under 20 minutes inside the portal, enabling property managers to inspect work that completed quickly is meeting required standards. As with all issues & notifications, this function can be switched on or off in the profile section of user settings.  

Mandatory picture of Flue Gas Analysers

After multiple user requests, taking a  picture of the flue gas analyser is now a mandatory field.

 Thanks for reading! For any queries regarding these new updates, contact support@gastag.co.uk