Gas Tag System Upgrade

Gas Tag implements major app upgrade

Gas Tag implements major app upgrade

Michael Campbell

By Michael Campbell on

We've been working hard behind the scenes to optimise and enhance the Gas Tag user experience, making our app quicker and slicker.
The improvements make our product even more robust and include a number of technical efficiencies such as faster screen transitions, quicker data uploads, improved mobile storage, lower battery consumption, and more responsive camera use. 
We have also made some visible changes to our user interface and added several new features.

Select the most common repair types and parts 
Previously users had to manually enter the type of repair work carried out and the name of the parts that had been replaced. As part of the upgrade, we've made the process much simpler by offering the user a dropdown list of the most common repair jobs and part replacements. This improves efficiency for the user and ensures consistency for reporting.
Biometric identification
We’ve improved security while making it even easier to access the app with the integration of both facial recognition and fingerprint ID. Users will be able to use either one of these or both to login to the app depending on the operating system of their device. 
Register unable to access from the planner
When arriving at a planned job where they are unable to gain access, users will now be able to record the attempted access directly from the planner.


Bigger signature box

Users can now use a larger signature box and landscape orientation, giving them more space and improving clarity. 

Compliance types are now distinctly colour coded

Our colour scheme and icons now make it simpler for the user to distinguish between different compliance types.

Legacy device compatibility 

We've worked to make Gas Tag more compatible with older devices.

Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell

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