Gas Tag Portal 2.0 has arrived

Gas Tag Portal 2.0 has arrived

Gas Tag Portal 2.0 has arrived

Michael Campbell

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Welcome to the new 100%

Throughout the development of Gas Tag, one of our main goals has always been to remove the complexity from the process of monitoring your gas safety and compliance. As part of our evolution, client feedback and continuous improvement, we have given the Gas Tag portal a whole new look and feel.  


GT Portal V2.gif

Improved navigation

There are now six main areas within the new navigation, these are:


This screen provides a report view of your overall compliance.


Here you can access and manage your property portfolio and engineers / contractors.


You will be able to allocate jobs, view upcoming jobs and review previous jobs.


Any potential issues raised can be resolved in this screen, this includes unable to access and unsent LGSR’s.   


Inspect the work conducted in your properties and audit landlord gas safety records. 


This area of the portal enables you to manage users and portal preferences.


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Enhanced filtering options

Filter your compliance information through fuel types for properties

You can now filter and review properties by their fuel type. I.e gas, electric, solid fuel etc by the menu in the top right hand corner.

Filtering Users

Easily filter or combine compliance information for a more specific view of your compliance related to that user.




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Michael Campbell

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