Gas Tag | Designed for Landlords

The only end-to-end gas compliance system, created to provide landlords with a full, real-time audit trail of all works carried out at their properties and the only system that validates the qualifications of engineers carrying out the work. The asset and property data captured will allow for better business decisions and, most importantly, the peace of mind that their tenants are safe.

Time Saving. Cost Saving. Life Saving.

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“Since implementing Gas Tag, first time access rates have significantly improved, resulting in savings of over  £55,000 within six months.”

Richard Wiseman, Property Investment Manager (Taunton Deane Borough Council)

“Gas Tag’s technology is the most exciting thing to happen to the sector in the last 10 years.”

Steve Collins, Director of Property for Housing Plus Group

“This is the most significant quantum leap in domestic gas safety compliance in 20 years.”

Barry Sheerman, MP and Chair of APPCOG (All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group)

“Such systems are the future both in the UK and worldwide to reinforce the protections people expect.”

Katherine Atkinson, CEO Safer Tourism Foundation


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The Gas Tag

Uniquely identify your properties and guarantee attendance

Each Gas Tag is a focal point for the capture of information for all work carried out at Gas Tag registered properties. Qualified engineers sign in by touching their mobile device against the Gas Tag. From that point on, our solution provides immediate geo-tagged, time-stamped and photo-verified accountability for all work carried out.

The Gas Tag App

  • Focusing on Safety
  • Direct Verification
  • Visual Documentation
  • Geo-Tagged No Access
  • The Gas Tag app is the easiest way for engineers to do what they are good at. All repetitive form work is pre-completed, so engineers can focus on what is important.

  • A direct verification link to the Gas Safe register means that only Gas Safe registered engineers can use the Gas Tag app.

  • While working on a property, engineers are required to take pictures of the appliances and work completed to prove that it is done in a safe, compliant manner.

  • If an engineer cannot gain access to a property, their location is geo-tagged, proving that they have made necessary efforts to complete the work.

The Gas Tag Portal

Real Time Desktop Monitoring

The Gas Tag Portal is the ultimate gas auditing and compliance tool for any landlord. The KPI driven dashboard stores all data from any gas work carried out, proving that your properties are fully gas compliant. The data collected from maintenance activities can be used for auditing, quality checking and compliance verification. Gas Tag will notify you of any properties approaching their service due dates, helping you manage property service deadlines.

The Gas Tag System

The Gas Tag system is a revolutionary platform that grants private and social landlords access to a dashboard, which provides real-time updates on their properties gas safety compliance. The app, tailored for engineers ensures the highest quality of work is completed by the engineer with the correct competencies, in the correct location.