Portal v1.7 has landed

We have spent some time talking to our clients to understand what is important to them, and how we can make changes to the Portal to ensure that the experience is top tier. We have been working really hard on creating some value added features, as well as some behind the scenes updates that will make your experience faster and more meaningful.

Improved Tables

We realised that information was getting too squashed, so have have enabled vertical and horizontal scrolling on tables.

Remember, you can customise which columns appear on a table by clicking the 3 dots on the top right of the table, and selecting the relevant columns:

Control Number of Jobs Sent to Engineers

Sometimes it is useful to book many jobs in advance, but not useful to send them all at once. Now you can control the number of days engineers can download into their planners.


Benchmarking Through Gas Tag

Your engineers can now complete Benchmark Certificates through the Gas Tag App.


And you can download the Benchmark from the job itself:

A New Jobs Table

We realised that although the Job Log gave a great rundown of work, it was not easy to filter or customise. So we have implemented a Jobs Table that will make it far easier to filter, search and customise what information you see about the work completed on your portfolio.

For those of you who want to still use the Job Log, it is available in the Jobs dropdown in the sidebar navigation.

Smaller Fixes

Not all of the changes we make are big hitters, but they are still good to know about. Here are some other changes we have made:

  • The Appliance page has had its layout freshened up. We realised that a horizontal appliance image didn’t look great, so we made it portrait while fitting more information in the same amount of space.
  • Total count on tables font size increased for better readability.
  • New column added to the Properties Table: if the access procedure of 3 or more attempts has been followed a tick will show in this column. This will let you know that you have done your legal 3 attempts before seeking legal help.
  • New column added to Property Table: The date of the next scheduled job on that property.
  • We have included more information on the Property page, so that it is more in line with the Property Table.
  • When moving properties over to Gas Tag, it is useful to update the unable to access count for that property, along with proof. Manual uploads now accommodates this process.
  • Contractor / Company name added to view all Engineers Table.
  • New notification added to let users know once Remedial Actions are recorded against an LGSR in Auditing. This is used to let Contractors know that further work is required.
  • LGSRs now show appliance fuel type.
  • Number filters added to columns in the tables that contain numbers e.g. No Access Count.
  • Property categories can now be amended via the Portal.
  • All job types and fuel types are now filterable in the Reporting Builder.

We can’t wait for you to try all the new features, and hopefully see great improvements in the system over all.






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