MOT style gas safety checks – Are you ready?

A degree of flexibility with gas safety checks comes into effect on the 6th April which could result in significant savings for landlords (both social and private) of almost £22m each year.

How can you be sure that your system is ready to take advantage of this?

What’s happening now?

Gas safety checks must take place every 12 months. With access to properties a huge issue in the sector, many associations are running a 10 month servicing programme in order to comply with regulations. This results in about 20% of properties being serviced twice in any financial year, which is wasting money and creating extra work.

How will this change?

With an MOT style of servicing, the date is fixed each year but the safety check could be carried out within two months of the due date, leaving the anniversary date unchanged for the following year. This allows housing associations to make significant savings.

How we can help?

In order to take advantage of this, social landlords need to prove compliance with a robust record-keeping system. Gas Tag’s technology can provide this and more:

  • Real-time compliance – At the touch of a button, you can demonstrate gas compliance position in real-time. This includes electronic storage of all documentation e.g. LGSRs, repairs, tenant notes, which can be accessed instantly.
  • Provable ‘no access’ – Our technology provides evidence of ‘no access’.  The location is geo-tagged, time-stamped, proving that the engineer has made necessary efforts to complete the work.
  • Comprehensive audit trail – assurance that only engineers with appropriate qualifications are being assigned to jobs.

Is your housing system ready? Not sure, email for a chat or ring T: 0330 229 0277 to see how we can help.

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