Install and Register Appliance update: Tips for Engineers

We have recently released a new version of the Portal, which came with some question changes in the app. These were put in place so that Landlords could be made more aware of the status and quality of the installations of boilers in their properties.

When Registering or Installing an appliance in the App, you will see some new questions:

– Is there a main TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) installed with this boiler?
– If Yes to TRV: Image of main TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve)
– Flue (Boiler Connection)
– Flue Termination: Horizontal / Vertical
– If the Flue is Horizontal: Image of Flue Termination
– If the Flue is Vertical: Image of Flue Termination & Flue in Loft space
– Condensation Pipe Termination
– Pipework Under Boiler
– Thermostat

These questions are available to be answered when you are both installing a new appliance and registering an existing appliance but, are only mandated when installing a new appliance. You should check with your client or employer whether they would like you to capture this information when registering an existing appliance on the Gas Tag system.



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