What is Gas Tag?

Gas Tag is a pioneering technology company and our ‘tag’ lies at the heart of a revolutionary, scalable gas safety monitoring solution. Gas Tag has been developed to allow landlords to monitor everything – from a single property to hundreds of thousands of homes.

Improved Safety

By using our tag, key elements of gas safety are ‘hard wired’ into the system for both the attending engineers and the landlord or manager, who can then monitor the status of their properties in real time.

Automatic Engineer Validation

Gas Tag will automatically validate the credentials and competencies of Gas Safe Registered engineers and then prompt them to record data and photos relating to all gas works they undertake, including installations and maintenance. This data is transferred on submission to the Gas Tag Cloud and is available via our Portal, allowing landlords to view the results on a real-time dashboard that can integrate with their current systems.

4 Elements of Gas Tag

The Gas Tag system is comprised of 4 distinct elements of technology which, when combined, make the most powerful gas safety system available.

The App

The Portal

The Tag

The Cloud